Master of Tropical Medicine

and International Health

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Masters Admission Policy.

The minimum requirement for students to be admitted to the course includes at least one of the following:

• A Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from a Spanish university or similar degree from a foreign university.

• A Master's degree in Health Sciences, Public Health or Healthcare Management.

Candidates who lack these qualifications but who have sufficient professional experience may also be admitted. They should contact the course management ( for assessment of their admission. 

Students performing clinical practice abroad will require travel insurance and funds to pay for travel costs including return flights from Madrid to Ethiopia, Cameroon, Perú or Kenya (variable prices between 600 € and 1,000 €) and for two weeks’ full-board stay in the hospital in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Uganda or Kenya (1,000 €) payable to the Gambo Hospital (Misioneros Consolata Madrid) (Ethiopia) or Fundación Recover (Camerún) or Opthalmologic Campaing (Kenya) during the month of May preceding the practice period. Students staying in Perú will pay for their full board and accomodation (aprox 250€/week).

Students will be admitted by the Masters Steering Committee with priority given to those who are in any of the following situations:

Those going to do any work or research in a tropical or developing country

Those doing health-related work or research in a tropical or developing county

Healthcare professionals responsible for the medical care of patients from tropical or developing countries

Those working in NGOs or other agencies involved in international health.



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